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Cybercrime is on the increase, but you can protect your network?

In our last article, we discussed the importance of gathering cyber intelligence. We looked at the three types of intelligence: tactical, operational, and strategic. Data tells a story, and the ability to interpret that story and identify serious risks to your security is a specialist skill. At NEWORDER, we have some very talented cyber defenders who can help you keep your systems secure. But they don’t work alone. We partner with world-class cybersecurity experts in specific solutions to enhance our offering and make sure your data stays as safe and secure as possible.

Corelight’s NDR

All threats leave a trail behind them. As yet, none of them is quite clever enough to cover their virtual footprints. Effective cyber intelligence identifies their tracks, often hidden among high network traffic and data volumes. If your security teams are still sorting IP addresses, protocol types and time sequences manually, you know what a laborious task it is to stay one step ahead of threats. It’s no wonder cyber criminals succeed in infiltrating organisations that should be secure. After all, companies like Garmin, whose entire business model is built on data, are not complacent when it comes to data security. Yet attacks still happen.

NEWORDER’s Information Security Intelligence makes use of the state-of-the-art network visibility, detection and response (NDR) platform provided by Corelight, a Cybersecurity firm based in San Francisco. NDR is based on traffic collection and analytics and helps security teams gain threat insights otherwise unobtainable. Corelight enhances visibility into network traffic by extracting hundreds of security-relevant data points and generating protocol-organised logs, relieving your security team of the onerous task of doing this manually.

Corelight’s NDR product is built on the open-source Zeek project, which was developed by Vern Paxson, one of Corelight’s founders. Corelight delivers the power of Zeek at enterprise scale, allowing customers vastly superior performance and far simpler integration and maintenance than open-source deployments. Corelight offers enterprise and cloud sensors which monitor network traffic and deliver high-fidelity data for incident response, intrusion detection, forensics and more.

Get the most from your SIEM

Corelight helps your security analysts more easily spot relevant data and identify external influences on endpoints, servers and hosts. Corelight will help you detect attacks before they have time to compromise your system. Early identification of breaches and swift remedial action will mitigate the worst consequences of an attack and even deflect it. Corelight’s NDR will help you:

  • Transform raw traffic into actionable visibility
  • Provide faster, more accurate incident response
  • Reduce incident response time by up to 20x
  • Filter out false positives more quickly
  • Diagnose attacks and understand the context faster
  • Expand threat-hunting capabilities

Think of Corelight as your early warning system. Can you afford to miss out on this protection?